Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Advantages and Dis-advantages of Plaster of Paris (for false ceiling)

Advantages of plaster of Paris(POP):
  • It expands very slightly on setting.
  • It is not likely to cause cracking of surfaces.
  • It forms a thick surface to resist normal knocks after drying.
  • It is easy to spread and level.
  • It mixes up easily with water.
  • It has no appreciable chemical action on paint and does not cause alkali attack.
  • Tiles and blocks of plaster of Paris have the specific advantage of lightness and high fire resistance.
  • Plaster of Paris gives a decorative interior finish.
Disadvantages of plaster of Paris:
  • Gypsum plaster is not suitable for exterior finish as it can not be used in damp finish.
  • Cement can not be mixed with plaster of Paris.
  • It is more expensive than cement or cement lime plaster
  • It can not be used in moist situations.
  • The labor cost for applying plaster of Paris is high.

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